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Coaching niches, instagram and facilitating authentic outcomes

Welcome to episode 2 of the second season of the Coaching with a Capital C Podcast!

As we promised, we are back with more voices, more perspectives, and more topics. Today Jess and Lulu are sharing more about their transition into coaching full time from tech. We speak about what it means to work for yourself, and how to create your own business in the instagram influencer world.

We speak about the pressure to name a niche, and how clients are used to be sold programs and results, and how the commodification of Coaching has cheapened the Coaching process. And we discuss what it is like to make your business your own, incorporating your full self into it, and how that doesn’t mean you are selling people on one way to be.

Want to know more about our guests?

Jess is a former data analyst and now coaches exclusively with pLink Leadership. She is also the founder of Daily Work Journal, a journal product designed for working professionals. You can learn more about her at

  • Instagram: @jess.yen, @dailyworkjournal

Lulu spent the first decade of her career in technology as a marketing and product management leader, where she most recently led the search team at pinterest. you can learn more about her work as a holistic leadership coach and group facilitator at

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