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Showing up Authentically in Community

In today's conversation we speak about what it means to show up authentically in our Coach Community. We speak about authenticity, permission to be on dim, and checking Coach stereotypes and the need to perform at the door. We speak about how we are building these virtual spaces as ones that welcome all versions of what it means to participate, and how we are grateful for those in the larger co-creative process we are facilitating.

We know that Coaching is a demanding job, emotional labor is real, and that giving so much to our clients and others in our lives is tiring. We know it is often normalized to defer our deny out own needs, and that sometimes we can be temped to feel like we need to always be "on" to fit the perceived personas that tend to be paired with our job titles.

So, incase any of that had been holding you back form joining so far, we invite you to join and come as you are, give what you want to, and receive in kind. Email us to join the our All Coach Slack Channel (

*This is the last episode of the first season of our podcast. We will be back soon with more voices added in the mix, more perspectives, and more awesome conversations. In the meantime, visit our website, follow us on Instagram, follow us on LinkedIn.

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