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What is Culturally-Responsive Care?

What is Culturally-Responsive Care, and why should it matter to coaches? What do terms like “intersectional identities” and “power analysis” have to do with the coaching relationship? How can coaches skillfully support marginalized clients experiencing the impacts of systemic oppression?

Listen in as we invite three diverse voices from Lyra Health’s Mental Health Coaching Program to engage in this important discussion, and explore answers to these timely questions. Whether you’ve been practicing Culturally-Responsive Care for years, or are just beginning to understand the concepts—this discussion is for you.

This episode features Lyra Coach Ambassador Andrea Rogers, Coach Program Supervisor Briana Bellamy, and Coach Learning & Development Lead Lindsay Leopold. All three are experienced mental health coaches with Lyra Health, a comprehensive mental health care provider.

Learn more about Culturally-Responsive Care and Lyra’s Mental Health Coaching Program by connecting with Lindsay Leopold, Briana Bellamy, and Andrea Rogers on LinkedIn.

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